So You Worked For Corporate America – A Few Memories on the Trip Through Corporate America – Part 1

A Few Memories on the Trip Through Corporate America – Part 1

I basically started to work for Corporate America in 1965 and that was in the heart of Wall Street at Morgan Guaranty and Trust Company. The start of my life in Corporate America was historial because the New York City Transit Authority voted to go out on strike and my first day of work, if I recall, was to walk home from Wall Street to 324 East 85th Street. It took a bit of time but I had a lot of company along the way.


I came out of the buuilding at 10 Wall Street and announcments were being made that there were an abundance of buses on assorted streets and that if you were going to Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx, and so forth, go to so and so street. Since I only knew where 10 Wall Street was, I didn’t spend too much time looking around for the correct street or bus on that street and decided that a walk was the only way that I was going to get home that night. Since Iwas fresh out of the United States Marine Corps, I was able to maintain a brisk pace and made pretty good time if I recall. I did ay that I would be a little more observant the next daty though.

The next day brought about the introduction to the world of Corporate America and the number of limos that were waiting outside and that the higher ups were letting their personal cars be available for helping take people home as long as the passengers lived in the same neighborhood as the limo owner. In my case, I lucked out that night because  the Chairman of the Board lived on Park Avenue near 89th Street at the time. I sat in the back with this older man who was very well dressed whom I had a short conversation with on the last leg of the journey to Park Avenue.

I lasted about three months in their automated section of the Accounting Department running stock holder statement for some of their corporate clients. As I was running these reports, I heard the noise of large machines behind a partition and they wre called large mainframe computers. I made the inquiry as to the ability to get into this department and soon learned that the majority of people in that department were Italian and that since I was Irish, the chance was negligible. I knew that it was time to make a decision where to go from here.

I was at this point in time that I lrearned about agencies, or, employment agencies as they were called. I got to know the world of how employment agencies work. Most are true to the cause…cause they need money and will work with you and the future employer in order to get their commission. if they don’t make the connection, there is no commission. So, it is with this in mind that their goal is get you a job that you  and your future employer will be happy. So there goal is to match you and the employer and make everyone happy.


I didn’t work at the Daily News but it was located on 42nd Street about a few hundred feet from the building where Malickrodt Chemicals was located in New York City.

After the banking exposure, I was immersed into another part of Corporate America with a job at Malinckrodt Chemicals as a pricing clerk. It was a another great job. (I sound like Trump – scary). I was unknowingly getting into computers via the back door. It was the year that I married an Italian girl where my luck started to change and I was employed at Malickrodt Chemicals. Quite a few of the individuals that worked there were Italian as were all of my new relatives. I was in the heart of the beast. A litttle humor.

I was starting to see the world a little bit closer. My wife’s uncle, Uncle Fran, was a great person and the transition into the work force at Malickrodt Chemicals was easy. All the people were very friendly. I even go to meet a future celebrity who was working in the Data Processing Department at the time.

Crests, Johnhny Maestro and the

The pricing was updated electronically with data proxcessing cards that were keypunched inside that department. There was this Italian fwellow that worked in that department that was quite friendly. It didn’t ring a bell at th etime because I was getting married and was not following the music scene at the moment….wedding bells were ringing and a lot of other things had priority at the moment. It wasn’t until I left the job for Pepsico, Inc. that the bells started to ring when I found out that that nice guy was Johnny Maestro of the Crests.


My first exposure with an agency was landing a job at Pepsico, Inc. and it turned out to be a great job for the time that I was there. I worked in a small department that made the liquid sugar thta was used for making Pepsi Cola. I worked at 505 Park Avenue and thta was a great location in the city. Pepsico, Inc. had their maijn office at 500 Park Avenue which was diagonally across the street from our building. We were located on the 14th floor with two other departments of Pepsico, Inc.

Oh yes…the perks. Every floor at Pepsico, Inc. had a Pepsi Cola machine where free Pepsi Cola was available 24/7. It didn’t get any better than that. The majority of the people at Pepsico, Inc. were wondeful and I don’t recall any real bozos….a word I’m not supposed to use around my grandchildren.

Pepsi at the time had a wide variety of different people working for their company and were literally before their time in the work place. I think that they were leaders in making changes in the work place because they worked one on one with the population. After all, their product was Pepsi Cola. Every consumer was drinking Pepsi Cola.

The other two departments that shared our 14th floor was that of Marketin an Product Testing. There were days that you would get a shout out from the other side of the partition that would ask you to come over for a taste test. That’s where they are testing new tastes for new products and most of the early testing was being dome in this offivce. Most of the time, you didn’t see the product but every once in a while you knew thta you had tasted that first. It was cool.

The other department was that of the Marketing Department and was headed by Pail Mosely. When you were looking at Paul Mosely, you were looking at a real prescence in the advertising community. Some famous people came into see Paul Mosely on a regular basis. One day as I was coming outof my cubicle I almost bumped into the man carrying two suitcases who was following alittle man in an expensive suit and he was saybing hello to Paul Mosely. Apparently, the agent knew Paul Mosely very well and was dragging this newbie behind him for an introduction to Paul Mosely.


It was Dick Clark at the time. He was literally dragging these two big suitcases from his flight in from Philly. I looked around at my co worker, Frank DeQuatro, and boss and he told me that he’s in here a lot because of Pepsi Cola’s attachment to the music industry.

At the time that I arrived at Pepsi Cola, they were just finishing or were still on a national strike. There were changes coming about and a lot of staff changes were going on at the high level. I remember a salesman named George Edwards, a black an, was promoted to President of the Bottling Plant in the Bronx, New York. Since it was Pepsi Cola, a party was in order and that was to take place at the Gaslight Club in New York City. I hope it was the Gaslight Club, the is a bit fuzzy after 50 years and the atmosphere was just like the Playboy Club which was just down the street from our office on 59th.

That covers A Few Memories on the Trip Through Corporate America – Part 1 for now. We’ll continue the trip as I have to prepare for the early morning trip to the University of Miami Medical Center early in the morning for a family member.

See you with Part 2,

Marty Dougherty @thememoryman


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